What is a VoIP business provider?

Apr 14, 2016 |

Quite simply, a VoIP business provider is an organisation that can supply and install all the services and products you will need to make use of hosted Voice over IP (VoIP).

The first part of that will be getting you set up with an actual provider of hosted voice services, which is really just a matter of going online to configure the service for your business and individual users as required.

This requires a little bit of knowledge and understanding of how the specific service works, but it’s  not too complicated. Your VoIP provider will have all the technical skills and understanding to make it quick and easy to get up and running.

Business value voip should also be able to offer the additional hardware you might need to make the best possible use of your VoIP service. This might be a simple telephony headset for you to plug into your PC or, if you want to use the hosted voice service in exactly the same away as you’d use an old analogue telephony system, then you’ll need dedicated IP phone handsets.

These are quite useful if you have a lot of VoIP seats as they make it easier for staff to forward calls, use conference calling and the many other features you will be able to access with your VoIP service. If you do have quite a few users, your VoIP provider may also advise installing a ‘soft’ PBX on your server, to help you manage your VoIP connections.

If you want to integrate your hosted voice systems with your unified communications system or with CRM software or services, you may need your VoIP business provider to help you here too. But that’s a more involved task and if you have internal IT staff, they will certainly need to be involved, as will any other third party service providers.

Your VoIP business provider should also be able to help you manage the VoIP service, to turn facilities on or off as required, to monitor usage and billing, and to expand the number of users as and when required.  They should be able to do all of this and more, and make getting set-up and using hosted VoIP simple and straightforward.

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