What is Voice Over Internet Protocol?

Jul 12, 2016 |

VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is a group of technologies which enable the sending of voice communication over an internet connection. When VOIP occurs between two PCs it usually occurs over an instant messenger service such as Facebook, Google hangouts or Skype. This is probably the most familiar form of VOIP but what few realise is that making and receiving free voice calls over the internet in this way need not be confined to just between PCs. VOIP for business technology also allows calls to occur from a PC to a telephone network, from an IP enabled phone to a telephone network or even between two telephone networks without the need to pay for expensive line rentals.

Although there are many providers charging for VOIP business services, the main advantage of VOIP is that it can be completely free as the costs of communication are covered by your broadband fee. This has massive potential for businesses by reducing the costs of calls within the company. This is especially important for companies with international divisions because geographical distance does not increase the cost of connection, so communicating using VOIP with offices abroad should always cost the same. This, however, is only really a benefit when communication is VOIP to VOIP. When VOIP calls are made to people without VOIP, there are usually fees that must be paid to gateway services that provide the telephone number which can quickly mount up.

For many years the quality of calls made via VOIP was a concern, however it is now very difficult to tell the difference between an ordinary landline call and one that is made via VOIP. Again, however, the highest quality is from VOIP to VOIP. Whereas VOIP to landline calls often have poorer quality. However, VOIP technology is improving at a dramatic rate as is its popularity as an alternative to landline calls.

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